Fuck the fuckers and spread your love like a fever!

Sunshine state of mind
urban lifestyle brand...

Never restrained by geographical borders!

De|si|gners from all over
the world brought together
under one brand

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Tokyo, we can´t
get enough of you!


We always have
a suitcase in Berlin!

Fuck the fuckers and spread your love like a fever!

Sunshine state of mind
urban lifestyle brand...

All our Products are designed with love and
sufficient time!

“And then Jiko opened her eyes. She dipped her brush in the thick black ink,
pressing and tapping it lightly against the inkstone like she had all the time in the world,
which she did, because time slowed down to give her the moments she needed.”

Yiehauuuuu… Please save us merciful buddha.

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Welcome to our world. Greetings from the colourful world of Hong Kong. Metropolitan, multifaceted, mysterious and pink to us. Why pink? No idea… looked kind of cool.

The colour pink stands for the HONG KONG series. A colourful and yet seductive mix that reflects the charm and contrasts of the city. Unusual & crazy, fast-paced and noisy, hectic and never sleeping. The Asian metropolis where our dream began. HONG KONG, we love you.

We are proud to be a founding member of the *Hong Kong Connection*, which was founded in Hong Kong in 2004.


MIAMI Series

Hi Miami! Welcome to the sunny side of the world. Metropolitan, seductive, radiant and for us simply turquoise.

The colour turquoise stands for the MIAMI series. A cooler and more colourful mix that reflects the sunny side of the city. Intensive & stylish, maritime & hot, constantly in the visual fast lane of life. A place of constant inspiration for us since the mid-eighties.

Coral Gables at midnight: Damn, that guy looks like Sonny Crockett back in 1985. I love this place.

TOKYO Series

Good morning Tokyo! Welcome to the other side of the world.

Metropolitan, gigantic, bizarre and simply crazy. As yellow as the rising sun. The colour yellow stands for the TOKYO series. A colourful mix -somewhere between tradition and awakening- that reflects the contrasts of the city. Aloof & constantly reinventing itself, pioneering & traditional, driving force of upcoming trends. TOKYO, we can’t get enough of you.

On a saturday night at Omotesando: Of course we don’t think like you, and there are damn good reasons. Okay, so much for that… :-)


Peace to Berlin. Welcome to the reunified world. Metropolitan, easy-going and unfathomable.

The colour green stands for the BERLIN series. A fresh, yet captivating mix that reflects the unified city of East and West. Polarising & creative, confident and natural, simply in a league of its own. We always have a suitcase in BERLIN.

Mitte and Friedrichshain: It´s a strange kind of brilliance. Come on… let’s get out of here.

Meet the Designers
Designers from all over the world
brought together under one brand!

“This ist not about East meets West or ying and yang. We all have moved well beyond those design categories”


Chimoto is a skilled designer from Tokyo and loves to combine old traditional Japanese patterns with up-to-date design an materials. Chimoto loves Europe, especially Paris, and tries to be there at least once a year.

Chi-chan, welcome to the team!


Steffen Seeger is a visual master of ceremonies & illustrator from Berlin. The clear-cut style combined with his illustration skills create unexpected views. His challenge is to use his playful sense everyday and change the familiar perception constantly.

Hard to describe but easy to understand when you look at his works.
www.studio.steffenseeger.com / www.steffenseeger.com

Steffen, happy welcome!


Danny is a design student and a citizen of Hong Kong. Danny lives in Hong Kong but frequently travels to the US. Not just to visit his family, but also for constant inspiration (as he puts it).

Danny, we are glad to have you on board!




Co-founder and creative Director of COLOURS & CITIES. During his professional career, Falk has worked in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Berlin, and discovered his interest in cosmopolitan and metropolitan areas along the way. He is an open-minded guy with love for good design and travelling to cities and sandy beaches all over the globe.

“Sooo Nice!”


Co-founder of COLOURS & CITIES, with a sense for good creative ideas. Mark also loves travelling, good classic design and the aesthetics of old cars. He has a lot of interests and travels frequently just for constant inspiration.

“”Yupp, Yupp!”

Please join us and be part of the journey! De|si|gners wanted …

Story & Mission

Hi, we are COLOURS & CITIES. COLOURS & CITIES is an urban lifestyle brand for men. We bring designers from all over the world together to create extraordinary designs, make friends and try to make the world more colourful ;-)

COLOURS & CITIES was established in 2016 by us, cosmopolitan travellers and founders Falk and Mark. Close friends since childhood, we have both always had an instinct for trends and lifestyle.
The idea of creating an urban lifestyle brand for men was born in a bar in Hong Kong in 2004 after a few drinks and an impressive parade of interestingly dressed people at the adjacent tables. We drew our inspiration initially from the colourful streets and vibrant nightlife of international cities (which is also how the label got its name). Our first designs were inspired by the current and future design hotspots and the various cities we’d worked and visited. We were, and continue to be, supported by talented people throughout the world. So we have established the label COLOURS & CITIES to offer designers a unique platform where they can submit their designs independently and under their own name. The best of them are chosen and produced. We place great value on details, both in production and packaging design, as well as on the fair and respectful treatment of one another. We value creativity as a precious commodity, because we know that it is a matter of external inspiration.

We are always in love with good design. Please join us and be part of the journey!


+49(0)511 – 219 314 25 / info@coloursandcities.com